Art School

In 1999 the Slovene Ministry of Sport and Education first granted a programme of secondary musical education to the Primorska region. Within the Koper High School the Art School was established consisting of the visual arts and the music departments. The five years of consistent work has brought about outstanding results, which are the evidence of the quality and high standard of our work – the work of our pupils, teachers, parents, expert workers and the Ministry. Our first graduates are pursuing their music studies at the academies in Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany and France.
The expert workers at the Koper High School and the Koper Music School are well aware of the fact that the future of the young lies in education, therefore we strongly keep in touch with the individual needs of the young artists. The pupils of the Art School have been the reason for inviting numerous distinguished visiting lecturers from Slovenia and abroad to the Koper Music School.

The Slovene Istria is growing into the third Slovene university centre, which will need a more coherent cultural scheme than exists now. The founding of the University of Primorska is the fact which will in the following years attract a growing number of the young to our town.
The coastal towns have been profoundly marked by the activities of the composers Antonio Tarsia, Giuseppe Tartini, Vladimir Lovec, Ivan Šček, Aldo Kumar, Ambrož Čopi, Bojan Glavina, Tatjana Jercog. The lack of the Art School would greatly impair the artistic pulse of our town and would lead to a cultural apathy, which would seriously undermine the town's identity. Artistic creativity will remain the symbol of regeneration, growth and new life. We are aware that we are responsible for the young artists in achieving their high goals and we have years ago set our minds to helping them in their pursuits. Some of the young artists might not continue their studies at the university level, but all of them will be distinguished by the rich and invaluable dimension, which is art.
Without music life would be a mistake.
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzschef